How To Pick Flooring That Is Right For YOU?

Well it all depends on what your needs are. There are A few short questions you can ask your self in order to find the flooring that will perform the best and cover all your needs: 

1.How much use or traffic are you going to have with your new floor? 

2.Do you have any Pets? 

3.Whats your budget? 

4. Does the flooring need to be waterproof? 

5. Are you repainting, decorating, or getting new furniture as well as flooring? Or will you be matching your flooring to existing paint and furniture? 

6. Lastly, how long are you planning to stay in your current home? If your not sure you will be there for more then four or five years you may want to go with something more price affective and not want to invest a ton of cash in your new flooring. 

These questions will help narrow down what type of floor you will be looking for and allow us to find the best flooring fit for you.